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April 2020 - Blog | Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens - Charlotte, NC
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Huntersville, NC cemeteries

What Is a Healing Experience at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries?

When you walk in the door at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, we want you to feel like we have this difficult job in hand. We’ll handle all the major details, and that gives you the freedom to develop a unique service that celebrates the passions and joys of the person you’re laying to rest. Huntersville, NC cemeteries have played host to some unique healing experiences, and these are some of our most memorable.

Traditional Services with a Twist

Many of our clients want to hew relatively close to the traditional funeral service, with a solemn tribute to their loved one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal flair to the tried and true. At the memorial service, many of our clients like to read from personal materials and give speeches on how the departed influenced their life. The choice of music during the memorial service and burial is also a way many clients put a personal touch on the service.

We specialize in services for military veterans, and we’ll work with the US government to deliver all the honors you or your loved one has earned by serving their country. We’ll also work with you to incorporate any of our fleet of classic vehicles in the funeral procession, or add in a personal vehicle as a personal statement. And our gathering spaces are perfect for a meal of foods with deep personal meaning.

Unique Celebrations

For clients who want a funeral that reflects the lives and passions of their loved ones, we’re happy to work with you to create a service filled with joyous tributes. Our central reception hall has been decorated with everything from mementoes of a beloved sports team to hand-made family heirlooms like quilts. These decorations make a great conversation piece and go alongside our tribute walls that allow people to leave their own mementoes of the departed as they enter the memorial.

A memorial service often turns into a party when families want it to, and we’ve hosted events as unique as games of Scrabble and opera performances at our facilities. Our memorial services are designed to celebrate all the things that the subject loved during their life, and many clients find comfort and closeness in participating in those activities as they pay tribute to them.

Unique Options for Cremation Services

If you choose cremation as an alternative to earth burial, you have a lot of options for celebrating your loved one’s life. This includes biodegradable urns that will eventually transform into a tree, a sea burial that uses the ashes as part of a ball that becomes host to coral, or transforming the ashes into ink, paint, or even fireworks that send your loved one off in a blaze of glory in the skies. We can put you in touch with third-party companies for specialized transformations and tributes.

If you’re looking to create a memorable and personalized healing experience at Huntersville, NC cemeteries, it starts with a memorial service at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens. Set up a consultation by visiting our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, only fifteen miles from Huntersville, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.

Charlotte, NC cemeteries

Important Elements for Success at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep a cemetery running and ensure that everyone who works with them has a positive experience during a difficult time? Charlotte, NC cemeteries are a carefully planned operation that requires the help of dozens of talented and experienced people. Here are the key elements that keep Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden in its place as one of our cities best cemeteries.

The Funeral Director

Every cemetery and funeral home has a backbone, and that backbone is the funeral director. Not only does the funeral director coordinate the affairs before every funeral, but they’re the point of entry for every grieving family that walks through our doors. An effective funeral director has to be knowledgeable about the functions of the cemetery, but should also have a kind and welcoming demeanor that brings peace to the clients while they’re mourning.

The Groundskeeping Team

A cemetery is one of the largest open spaces available, and we have hundreds of people coming onto our grounds to be close to their loved ones buried here. One of the most important signs of a well-run cemetery is that the grounds and the headstones look as spotless years later as they did when they were first installed. That’s why our skilled groundskeeping team works daily to keep our grass under control and ensure families have no distractions while visiting.

The Security Team

A cemetery should be a place of peace where families can put their worries aside and feel near those who have passed on. That means our visitors should feel safe, and we work to ensure are grounds are secure. Our security team specializes in working out of sight to deter any intruders and repair any damage, and our efforts protect your family’s headstone or marker and plot without interfering with your experience.

The Facilities

A cemetery and funeral home should have a place for mourners to gather after the burial to pay tribute and celebrate a life well lived. Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens offers full use of our extensive hosting facilities for large gatherings, and we’re capable of hosting everything from an intimate meeting to a full catered dinner. A combination of a funeral home and cemetery makes things easier on clients who don’t have to shuttle between locations.


One of the most important elements any funeral home and cemetery needs to pull off a funeral is classy and effective transportation to and from the funeral home. Our classic hearse is available to transport a body as soon as we get the call from you, and can also lead off a funeral procession before the funeral. If you’re looking for unique transportation options for the procession, we can work to incorporate anything from classic cars to motorcycles.

Do you want all these elements working together to ensure a smooth service at Charlotte, NC cemeteries? Set up a consultation with Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens by visiting us at our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.

Matthews, NC cemeteries

Everything You Need to Know About Veteran’s Services at Matthews, NC Cemeteries

Laying a veteran to rest is one of the most sacred duties of any funeral home director, and Matthews, NC cemeteries have experience in working with the US government to ensure the proper honors. At Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, our extensive program of veteran’s services accommodate veterans from all branches of the military. In this blog, we’ll look at the special veteran’s services we offer.

Who Is Eligible for Veteran’s Services?

Veteran’s services are open to anyone who served the country and was honorably or medically discharged for service. This includes anyone who enlisted or was drafted and completed at least one term of service. Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard are all eligible, as are those who served in commissioned officer corps in certain environmental positions.

What Services Does the US Government Provide for Veterans?

Any veteran who has earned standard military honors will receive a military salute that includes a gun salute and the playing of taps, along with a military death certificate and burial flag. The government will also provide a complimentary marker or headstone, available in granite, marble, or bronze. Those who have earned military honors are also eligible for burial in a military cemetery, but the military will accommodate a funeral in any location.

What Services Does the Funeral Home Provide?

We’re committed to delivering our highest quality of services to every customer, and that includes our departed military members. We’ll handle all the paperwork initially, including getting all documents sorted with the government and applying for the service. We’ll take custody of the deceased as soon as we receive your call and coordinate with the family of the veteran to ensure the funeral is according to their wishes or any pre-arranged plans.

Can I Personalize a Veteran’s Funeral?

Yes, while the standard military honors are fixed, we consider that a jumping-off point for a celebration of life. The military honors can serve as the beginning or end of a larger service that will include all of our amenities for a full memorial. When you plan a veteran’s memorial with us, you’ll also have access to all our digital services, which will allow you to plan an online memorial where people around the world can pay tribute.

Can I Arrange Preneed Veteran’s Services?

Yes, if you want to arrange your own memorial service in advance, this will help to ensure a smooth transition. If you have access to your original military documents, this can speed up the process and allow us to apply for your honors before they’re needed rather than delaying the service. If you have specific wishes about people participating, such as the names of your honor guard, this is also the time to mark them down with us.

If you’re looking for Matthews, NC cemeteries to carry out a veteran’s funeral, Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens has the experience and attention to detail you need. Set up a consultation by visiting us at our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, only fifteen miles from Matthews, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.

Huntersville, NC cemeteries

Everything You Need to Know About Preneed Services at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries

One of the biggest challenges of planning a funeral is making sure that it reflects what the departed would have wanted. The easiest way to ensure this is by planning our own memorial well in advance with Huntersville, NC cemeteries. That’s why Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens offers preneed funeral planning, so read on to discover everything you need to know about this unique process.

What Are the Essential Parts of Preneed Planning?

Every pre-planned funeral checklist will take care of a few essential factors common in every funeral. This will include your vital information to ensure the funeral home can file and process a death certificate. You’ll choose burial and cremation, along with making major purchases like the chosen casket or urn. You’ll also provide us with any key organizations like military affiliations that you want incorporated into the service.

What Personalized Options Do I Have for Preneed Planning?

Our services go well beyond the basics, and allow you to plan your service down to the smallest detail years or even decades in advance. You can write your obituary to be published on our website, although many of our clients prefer to update that regularly to include new developments. You can also select how you want the memorial service to be adorned, including your flower arrangements and how you wish to be dressed for viewing.

What If I Move?

If you choose to be buried in a place other than our cemetery and memorial gardens, our funeral home will transfer your detailed memorial plan to the new cemetery. The same goes for if you have a pre-planned funeral from another cemetery. Our team will receive it from the funeral home you initially worked with and incorporate it into our funeral plans to ensure your wishes are respected no matter the ultimate destination.

What Legal Documents Do I Need?

When planning your service, we recommend you bring your last will and testament, power of attorney, and any directives for health care with you to ensure we can carry out your plans effectively. Our funeral director may also ask for specific financial information to ensure your will can be carried out easily. If you wish to update any of the details in this information, bring the new documents to our office and we’ll ensure your information stays current.

How Do You Handle Payment for Preneed Services

One of the biggest advantages of preneed planning is that you can pay for your service in advance and take the burden off your loved one’s shoulders. You can pay upfront at once, but we also offer installation payment plans. Many of our clients take this option and either pay it off in full in small sums over many years or leave only a small percentage of the fee to their loved ones after their passing.

If you’d like to ensure your memorial service is according to your wishes, Huntersville, NC cemeteries can help. Set up a consultation with Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens by visiting our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, only fifteen miles from Huntersville, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.