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June 2020 - Blog | Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens - Charlotte, NC
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Charlotte, NC cemeteries

Tips for Visiting Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

If you know someone buried in Charlotte, NC cemeteries, the odds are you’ve considered paying a visit to catch up. At Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, we want our visitors to feel at home, as if they’re in a haven where they can feel closer to their loved one through our many amenities. In this article, we’ll look at how you can make the most out of a visit to our beautiful grounds.

Pack a Lunch

If you’re coming with several people to spend some time with a departed loved one, one of the best ways to make an afternoon out of it is to have a picnic. All you’ll need is a picnic basket with some easy-to-eat options, utensils if needed, and a blanket to sit on. If you’re worried about lugging the garbage home, don’t be – we have many convenient wastebaskets scattered around the grounds for easy disposal.

Take Your Time

One thing that surprises many of our guests is just how large our cemetery and memorial garden are. This isn’t a place you can walk quickly, and if you spend an afternoon visiting with us you’ll be amazed by how much you discover. From our shady paths to our beautiful memorial gardens to our stunning lake and fountain, there’s more than enough on our grounds for you to explore and appreciate as you tour.

Bring a Gift

Many people find peace in communicating with their loved one by a visit to their memorial, letting them know what’s been happening in the world. As part of that, many of our families leave something behind them when they leave as a tribute. This can be as simple as a single flower that the deceased loved, or as personal as a handmade booklet of family photos and notes from those who couldn’t be there.

Meet With Staff

If you’re looking to hold a bigger gathering at our grounds, such as a family event or a memorial on the anniversary of your loved one’s passing, this is possible with the help of our staff. The first step is to schedule a consultation with our funeral director or event coordinator so you can discuss your goals for the event and we can find the appropriate facilities. We host dozens of events at our grounds each year.

funeral service

Make a Regular Visit

If you can only fit in a brief visit, this can be an opportunity to learn about our grounds in small doses. Visit to say hello to your loved one, take a quick walk or visit our memorial gardens, and then head on your way. By making this a regular event when you can, you’ll feel closer to those no longer here and be able to connect with our grounds for the emotional support you need after saying goodbye.

We hope you’ll find your visits to our Charlotte, NC cemeteries to be rewarding and peaceful. The staff at Gethsemane Cemeteries and Memorial Garden is here for you, so set up a visit today.

Matthews, NC cemeteries

What’s It Like Working at Matthews, NC Cemeteries?

When people think about their first job, it’s pretty rare that they think about working at a graveyard. But Matthews, NC cemeteries have a host of job opportunities and our employees find it a surprisingly peaceful and uplifting place to work where they get the chance to help and support people who come to us in times of need. In this article, we’ll look at some of the unexpected things employees have told us about working at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden.

Customer Service Is a Big Part

Many people don’t think of interaction with clients as one of the biggest parts of working at a cemetery, but it’s as important as at any business. No matter what position you work in, be it groundskeeper, security, or event planning, you’ll come into contact with families here to say goodbye or visit with a deceased loved one. Leaving them with a positive first impression and a word of kindness can make all the difference for them during difficult times.

You’ll Work Hard

We won’t mince words about this – working at a cemetery comes with a lot of responsibility and requires some grit. This is partially because our grounds are massive and cover thousands of burial plots and dozens of specialized areas. If you work in groundskeeping or security, expect a lot of walking and make sure you’re always wearing comfortable shoes. And a good memory is key to keep track of where you’ve been.

There’s a Lot of Job Shifting

The staff at a cemetery works as a unit, and the tasks needed every day can be different, requiring flexibility. While security and groundskeeping will always have their standard tasks, it’s not uncommon for people to jump jobs and provide support to other staff before a major event. It’s also common for management and even funeral directors to get their hands dirty once in a while when needed.

It’s Surprisingly Peaceful

Sure, we’ve all seen the TV shows about traipsing through a creepy old graveyard at night, but the reality is very different. Cemeteries are places of peace and reflection, where families can visit to be close to someone who has passed on. If you work in a cemetery on the night shift, as our groundskeepers and security teams often do, you’ll find a vast and peaceful landscape with a unique natural beauty that can only be seen when alone.

cemeteries in Charlotte, NC

Daytime Can Be Packed

You wouldn’t think of a cemetery as a buzzing social hub, but you’d be surprised how many events we host besides standard funerals. It’s common for family reunions, anniversaries of a funeral, or even weddings or baptisms to be held on our grounds close to where a loved one is buried. That means that hospitality and crowd control are key parts of the job here, and event planning is a skill you’ll learn along the way.

There are many job opportunities available at Matthews, NC cemeteries, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our team. Contact Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden for more information today.

Huntersville, NC cemeteries

The Most Important People at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries

At Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden, we believe that Huntersville, NC cemeteries should be a place for peace and reflection. But that safety and peacefulness doesn’t come on its own, so we rely on our extensive staff to keep our cemetery grounds pristine and welcoming at the start of every day. In this article, we’ll look at the most important people on our cemetery staff and associated services.

The Funeral Director

When families come to a cemetery or funeral home to arrange services for their loved one, they need the support of an experienced and compassionate funeral director. Funeral directors need to be well-versed in the many services and offerings of the facility, and be able to make the case for a package that serves the family’s interests and budget. The funeral director is the face of a cemetery and funeral home, and their presence makes all the difference.

funeral directors

The Groundskeepers

It’s often hard to grasp just how big a cemetery is, but these sprawling grounds are massive parks that serve as the final resting place to thousands of people. That means thousands of mourners come through daily to lay their loved one to rest or visit them. To ensure the cemetery looks as fresh and welcoming every day, it’s important to have a skilled team of groundskeepers to repair any minor damage and tend to the grass’ health. Thanks to their work, the cemetery grounds are a place of peace and natural beauty for everyone who visits.

The Event Directors

Cemeteries aren’t just a place for funerals, they’re regularly used for gatherings of families who want to be close to where their loved one is buried. This can include annual remembrances, family reunions, or even weddings or baptisms held in the presence of a beloved relative who has passed on. Our event directors meet with the family to discuss appropriate facilities and any needed decorations or accessories.


It might seem like cemeteries should be a safe zone from any negative outside influences, but unfortunately vandalism is common at cemeteries around the country if not guarded properly. That’s why we have a crack team of security agents guarding our property during both the day and night. Cameras watch for break-ins during the night and guards stand by, to ensure this place is as safe as possible for you and your family.

Our Digital Team

Today, cemeteries are more involved than ever in the digital space, as their extensive list of permanent residents are digitized to provide an only space for people to pay tribute. We know that many family members may move away from a loved one’s burial space, so we want it to be possible to feel close to them from anywhere. That’s why our website offers a space to pay your respects whether you can drop by our grounds or not.

These people keep Huntersville, NC cemeteries safe and welcoming. Drop by Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden to see them at work today.

Charlotte, NC cemeteries

Popular Gift Options for Services at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

When saying goodbye to a loved one at Charlotte, NC cemeteries, a little gesture can go a long way to bring comfort. That’s why funeral homes and cemeteries like Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden make it easy to send messages of comfort and support in gift form. In this article, we’ll look at the most common gift options to send to the family of the deceased and how we make that process easier.

Flower Arrangements

By far the most popular choice for funeral gifts, flower arrangements have been around since before the modern gift market. Common for both decorating the funeral home and for sending to the home of the family, these come in hundreds of styles and species of flower. Most will also include a message of support in an included card, and can be ordered directly through our on-site catalog for funeral supplies.

Edible Gifts

Few things are better for finding comfort during a difficult time than favorite foods, and we make it easy to send care packages to the family of the deceased. The most popular choice for food baskets is fruit arrangements, which are a creative and tasty alternative to flower arrangements. But the variety of foods in our catalogue is increasing, adding southern favorites, sweet treats, and practical options ideal for someone who doesn’t want to cook while planning a funeral.

Jewelry and Collectibles

If you want to send a lasting memento of the deceased to their family, one of the best ways is with a selection of commemorative statues and jewelry. Not only are these statues crafted under the finest standard and built to last, but they can be personalized with inscriptions of love and support during a difficult time. The jewelry is crafted from durable metals and many can hold a photo of the departed or a pinch of cremation ashes.

cremation services

Supporting a Good Cause

Many families are choosing to eschew gifts to save the room and not have another thing to keep track of during funeral planning. In lieu of gifts, these families are choosing to organize charitable donations for a cause close to their loved one’s heart or relevant to medical causes. This can be done through our online portal, where those leaving messages on the guestbook can click on a button to add a donation to the chosen cause.

Donations to Funeral Costs

Similar to the charitable causes, it’s common for families to crowdfund the funeral costs through our online portal. A funeral can be an unexpected expense, which is why more people are taking advantage of our preneed services to pay them off in advance. But for families who are paying off the full balance unexpectedly, being able to ask for donations through our online portal can be a significant help.

If you have a preference for gifts sent to your family, or want to send a gift, Charlotte, NC cemeteries are ready to take your call. Contact Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden for more information today.