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Cremation Frequently Asked Questions

No one likes to talk about death, cremations, or cemeteries in Matthews, NC. That’s probably because there’s a lot people don’t know about them, and the unknown is frightening. One way to make them less scary is to learn more about them. Let’s start with cremation.

Make cremation less scary by learning more about it. These frequently asked cremation questions and their answers are good places to start:

  • What is Cremation? Cremation when a body is reduced to bone fragments and ash for its final disposition. The body is heated in a chamber from 1,500 to 2,000 degrees F until it breaks down. It usually takes about two to three hours for a full cremation for an average sized adult.
  • Can the Family Watch the Cremation? Cremation viewing may be available to family members if arranged in advance. Check with your cremation service for more information.
  • How Can I expect My Loved One’s Cremated Remains to Look? Cremated remains look like ash, but with a light grey to white color. You can expect anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds of ash depending on how big your loved one was.
  • What Happens After Cremation? After the body is reduced to bone fragments via heat, the remains are swept into a container and cooled. Once cooled, they are inspected for items that weren’t reduced by the heat like medical devices, metal from clothing, etc. The remaining bone fragments are then put through a machine to be compressed to a consistent size of ash, placed in the chosen receptacle and given to the family.
  • Are All the Remains Returned to My Family? All of the remains are returned except small particles that may have been drawn into the cremation or processing machines.
  • How Do I Know I’ll Get the Right Remains? Every cremation business has a series of checks and policies to ensure you get your loved one’s remains. These include positive identification at all stages of cremation, metal identification tags, and certified technicians.
  • What Do I Do with the Remains? There are many options for your loved one’s cremated remains. You can bury them in a cemetery, inter them in a columbarium, or scatter them on private property just to name a few. You can get as creative as you like.
  • Do I Have to Pay for an Urn? Cremated remains can be returned to you in a basic container that’s included in the cremation charge. You may purchase an urn or other receptacle if you so choose.
  • Do I Need A Cremation Casket? You do not need to purchase a traditional casket for cremation. You do need a rigid container for the body to be cremated in.

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Cremation isn’t as frightening once you know more about it. If you have more questions, or want more information about cremations, funerals, or Matthews, NC cemeteries, just reach out to Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden. We have years of experience that we are ready and willing to put at your disposal. Call today!