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Good Qualities to Seek in Matthews, NC Cemeteries

There is no shortage of funeral homes and cemeteries in Matthews, NC to look at for a final resting place for your loved one, and picking the right one is a key decision. The best way to narrow down your search is to know what you’re looking for – and how to determine if a cemetery has these good qualities. In this article, we’ll look at the five key qualities of every good cemetery, and how Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens clears the bar.

Affordability and Flexibility

Finding the right funeral plot is tricky, especially if you’re on a budget and want a suitable memorial without breaking the bank. The best cemeteries have a variety of plots and headstone/marker options that open their doors to everyone, even those who have more modest means. We’re happy to work with anyone who wants to lay their loved one to rest with us, and we’re committed to finding a plan that works for your budget.

Maintenance and Attractiveness

A cemetery is a massive green space dotted with meaningful memorials, and keeping that looking spotless is a tricky job. The best way to get an idea of a cemetery’s standards is to take a walk among their peaceful grounds and look at how it’s maintained. Our team of committed groundskeepers will ensure that your loved one’s memorial looks as polished and beautiful years from now as the day it’s installed.

Peace and Quiet

Our team knows that when you visit your loved one’s final resting place, you want to be able to pay tribute and reflect in peace. Too many cemeteries are crowded, trying to get as many people in at the same time and resulting in crowded grounds of mourners jockeying for space. We’ve planned the Gethsemane grounds so that you’ll have the privacy you need to gather those closest to your loved one for an intimate remembrance.


One of the most important duties of any cemetery is to ensure that headstones and anything left at the gravesite are preserved safely. That’s why we employ an extensive but unobtrusive security team to ensure any vandals are quickly deterred. Our grounds are secure when closed, and when open we’re ready to talk to any clients about our security efforts and how we can ensure your loved one’s resting place is protected.

Green Options

Many of our clients come to us concerned about the environmental impact of their memorial plans. We partner with many of the area’s top funeral homes, all offering green options including caskets made from recycled wood, biodegradable urns, and natural burial plans. If you want to know more about our green burial options, our funeral directors are happy to discuss your wishes for the burial service.

Are you looking for Matthews, NC cemeteries that offer you the security, peace, and flexibility you need? Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens can help, so set up a consultation by visiting us at our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, only fifteen miles from Matthews, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.

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