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Green Options for Funerals at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries
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Charlotte, NC cemeteries

Green Options for Funerals at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

The world is changing, with more people seeking to minimize their impact on the environment and leave a positive footprint. At Charlotte, NC cemeteries, we receive more comments every year about wanting a funeral to take the environment into consideration. Here are some ways our clients are working with us at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden to green the funeral business and benefit the environment.

A Home for Plants

A cemetery is known as a place for wide swaths of green grass dotted by headstones and markers, but we’re taking a different approach. At our memorial gardens, we want our grounds to be covered in natural plant life that is allowed to grow and flourish. Our wide pathways are covered in trees, bushes, and natural flowering plants that need less maintenance than the exclusively grass-based landscapes.

Biodegradable and Recycled Materials

The funeral industry handles a lot of cases, and when we put caskets into the ground we want to have a minimal impact on the environment. That’s why we offer a selection of caskets made from recycled wood, which gives the trees a second life and minimizes the need for logging. For those who choose cremation, we also offer environmentally sound vaults and burial containers if you choose to have the remains buried.

Alternative Gifts

It’s common to send gifts or flowers to the family of the deceased, and while these tokens of appreciation are kind, they can also fill up a house quickly. Many people are eschewing these gifts and making a positive impact by asking their guests to make a donation instead to a chosen charity. While funeral costs and medical charities are common choices, environmental charities benefiting the forest, ocean, or endangered species are gaining in popularity among those who want the service to make a bigger impact.

Alternative Processions

Everyone’s seen a funeral procession passing by, and marveled at the long line of cars celebrating the life of the departed – even if it was making them late for work. But a long line of cars means a long line of emissions, which is why many people are choosing alternative modes of transportation. These can include electric cars, horse-drawn carriages – or even a line of bicyclists if the deceased was a cycling aficionado.

Animal-Friendly Receptions

After laying someone to rest, it’s common for friends and family to gather for a meal and a memorial service. Whether you’re gathering everyone for a formal dinner at a fancy restaurant or adding a simple table of pastries to the reception, it’s increasingly common to go plant-based for the foods. Not only is this an option that’s friendly to many people with restricted diets, but it has a lower carbon footprint and is ideal for animal lovers.

If you’re looking to lay your loved one to rest or preplan a service with a positive environmental impact at Charlotte, NC cemeteries, Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden can help. Visit us today or contact us by phone to set up a consultation.