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Hosting Events at Matthews, NC Cemeteries

A funeral at Matthews, NC cemeteries is a peaceful event on beautiful grounds, which is why many of our clients make regular visits. At Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden, we want this to be a welcoming haven to be close to your loved one. That’s why we’ve made our grounds an ideal location for hosting events where you want to be with loved ones both in this world and beyond it. Here are a few of the events we can host.


The most common event we see on our grounds is small gatherings of family members who come to share some food and memories close to their loved ones buried here. Our grounds are kept clean and safe, making them as hospitable a place for a picnic as any park. All you have to bring is a blanket to sit on, the picnic basket, and all the stories you want to share about the person you’re remembering.


If you’ve worked with our cremation services, you know that the memorial planning is largely in your hands. With the ashes safely in a scattering urn, consult us if you’d like to make our grounds their final resting place. Much of the cemetery grounds is ideal for scattering ashes, but the most popular choices are at the lake or in the memorial garden. Even if you don’t have a marker here, this will make our gardens a permanent place for your family to visit if you wish.


We’ve had a number of families visit our grounds in larger groups, holding a family reunion on the site where a beloved family member is buried. While these families often also have a larger gathering in a reception hall or restaurant, we’re happy to organize guided tours for groups and have the family gather at our lakeside gazebo. If a large group is visiting, we recommend speaking in advance with our staff to help us accommodate you.


A cemetery may be an unconventional setting to host a wedding, but few cemetery grounds are as stunning as ours. If you’ve said goodbye to a family member and can’t imagine getting married without them there, our staff can arrange an on-site wedding at one of our beautiful locations. The gazebo at the lake is a popular choice for gathering, and makes an ideal centerpiece for a unique wedding. Consult with our staff for more information.

In-House Events

Our staff occasionally puts together special events designed to bring our family of guests together to celebrate and remember. One example is our annual Mother’s Day event, where every family receives a carnation for their mother. Light refreshments will be offered, and people can register to receive a gift basket. If you want more information on our events, visit our website regularly to see updates.

Once you lay someone to rest at Matthews, NC cemeteries, we consider you part of our family. Contact Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden for more information on our regular events or to set up a consultation today.

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