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Important Elements for Success at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries
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Charlotte, NC cemeteries

Important Elements for Success at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep a cemetery running and ensure that everyone who works with them has a positive experience during a difficult time? Charlotte, NC cemeteries are a carefully planned operation that requires the help of dozens of talented and experienced people. Here are the key elements that keep Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden in its place as one of our cities best cemeteries.

The Funeral Director

Every cemetery and funeral home has a backbone, and that backbone is the funeral director. Not only does the funeral director coordinate the affairs before every funeral, but they’re the point of entry for every grieving family that walks through our doors. An effective funeral director has to be knowledgeable about the functions of the cemetery, but should also have a kind and welcoming demeanor that brings peace to the clients while they’re mourning.

The Groundskeeping Team

A cemetery is one of the largest open spaces available, and we have hundreds of people coming onto our grounds to be close to their loved ones buried here. One of the most important signs of a well-run cemetery is that the grounds and the headstones look as spotless years later as they did when they were first installed. That’s why our skilled groundskeeping team works daily to keep our grass under control and ensure families have no distractions while visiting.

The Security Team

A cemetery should be a place of peace where families can put their worries aside and feel near those who have passed on. That means our visitors should feel safe, and we work to ensure are grounds are secure. Our security team specializes in working out of sight to deter any intruders and repair any damage, and our efforts protect your family’s headstone or marker and plot without interfering with your experience.

The Facilities

A cemetery and funeral home should have a place for mourners to gather after the burial to pay tribute and celebrate a life well lived. Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens offers full use of our extensive hosting facilities for large gatherings, and we’re capable of hosting everything from an intimate meeting to a full catered dinner. A combination of a funeral home and cemetery makes things easier on clients who don’t have to shuttle between locations.


One of the most important elements any funeral home and cemetery needs to pull off a funeral is classy and effective transportation to and from the funeral home. Our classic hearse is available to transport a body as soon as we get the call from you, and can also lead off a funeral procession before the funeral. If you’re looking for unique transportation options for the procession, we can work to incorporate anything from classic cars to motorcycles.

Do you want all these elements working together to ensure a smooth service at Charlotte, NC cemeteries? Set up a consultation with Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens by visiting us at our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.