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Tips for Visiting Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

If you know someone buried in Charlotte, NC cemeteries, the odds are you’ve considered paying a visit to catch up. At Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, we want our visitors to feel at home, as if they’re in a haven where they can feel closer to their loved one through our many amenities. In this article, we’ll look at how you can make the most out of a visit to our beautiful grounds.

Pack a Lunch

If you’re coming with several people to spend some time with a departed loved one, one of the best ways to make an afternoon out of it is to have a picnic. All you’ll need is a picnic basket with some easy-to-eat options, utensils if needed, and a blanket to sit on. If you’re worried about lugging the garbage home, don’t be – we have many convenient wastebaskets scattered around the grounds for easy disposal.

Take Your Time

One thing that surprises many of our guests is just how large our cemetery and memorial garden are. This isn’t a place you can walk quickly, and if you spend an afternoon visiting with us you’ll be amazed by how much you discover. From our shady paths to our beautiful memorial gardens to our stunning lake and fountain, there’s more than enough on our grounds for you to explore and appreciate as you tour.

Bring a Gift

Many people find peace in communicating with their loved one by a visit to their memorial, letting them know what’s been happening in the world. As part of that, many of our families leave something behind them when they leave as a tribute. This can be as simple as a single flower that the deceased loved, or as personal as a handmade booklet of family photos and notes from those who couldn’t be there.

Meet With Staff

If you’re looking to hold a bigger gathering at our grounds, such as a family event or a memorial on the anniversary of your loved one’s passing, this is possible with the help of our staff. The first step is to schedule a consultation with our funeral director or event coordinator so you can discuss your goals for the event and we can find the appropriate facilities. We host dozens of events at our grounds each year.

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Make a Regular Visit

If you can only fit in a brief visit, this can be an opportunity to learn about our grounds in small doses. Visit to say hello to your loved one, take a quick walk or visit our memorial gardens, and then head on your way. By making this a regular event when you can, you’ll feel closer to those no longer here and be able to connect with our grounds for the emotional support you need after saying goodbye.

We hope you’ll find your visits to our Charlotte, NC cemeteries to be rewarding and peaceful. The staff at Gethsemane Cemeteries and Memorial Garden is here for you, so set up a visit today.