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What Is a Healing Experience at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries?
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Huntersville, NC cemeteries

What Is a Healing Experience at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries?

When you walk in the door at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, we want you to feel like we have this difficult job in hand. We’ll handle all the major details, and that gives you the freedom to develop a unique service that celebrates the passions and joys of the person you’re laying to rest. Huntersville, NC cemeteries have played host to some unique healing experiences, and these are some of our most memorable.

Traditional Services with a Twist

Many of our clients want to hew relatively close to the traditional funeral service, with a solemn tribute to their loved one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal flair to the tried and true. At the memorial service, many of our clients like to read from personal materials and give speeches on how the departed influenced their life. The choice of music during the memorial service and burial is also a way many clients put a personal touch on the service.

We specialize in services for military veterans, and we’ll work with the US government to deliver all the honors you or your loved one has earned by serving their country. We’ll also work with you to incorporate any of our fleet of classic vehicles in the funeral procession, or add in a personal vehicle as a personal statement. And our gathering spaces are perfect for a meal of foods with deep personal meaning.

Unique Celebrations

For clients who want a funeral that reflects the lives and passions of their loved ones, we’re happy to work with you to create a service filled with joyous tributes. Our central reception hall has been decorated with everything from mementoes of a beloved sports team to hand-made family heirlooms like quilts. These decorations make a great conversation piece and go alongside our tribute walls that allow people to leave their own mementoes of the departed as they enter the memorial.

A memorial service often turns into a party when families want it to, and we’ve hosted events as unique as games of Scrabble and opera performances at our facilities. Our memorial services are designed to celebrate all the things that the subject loved during their life, and many clients find comfort and closeness in participating in those activities as they pay tribute to them.

Unique Options for Cremation Services

If you choose cremation as an alternative to earth burial, you have a lot of options for celebrating your loved one’s life. This includes biodegradable urns that will eventually transform into a tree, a sea burial that uses the ashes as part of a ball that becomes host to coral, or transforming the ashes into ink, paint, or even fireworks that send your loved one off in a blaze of glory in the skies. We can put you in touch with third-party companies for specialized transformations and tributes.

If you’re looking to create a memorable and personalized healing experience at Huntersville, NC cemeteries, it starts with a memorial service at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens. Set up a consultation by visiting our offices at 1504 W Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262, only fifteen miles from Huntersville, or contact us on our website or by phone at (704) 596-5417.