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What’s It Like Working at Matthews, NC Cemeteries?

When people think about their first job, it’s pretty rare that they think about working at a graveyard. But Matthews, NC cemeteries have a host of job opportunities and our employees find it a surprisingly peaceful and uplifting place to work where they get the chance to help and support people who come to us in times of need. In this article, we’ll look at some of the unexpected things employees have told us about working at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden.

Customer Service Is a Big Part

Many people don’t think of interaction with clients as one of the biggest parts of working at a cemetery, but it’s as important as at any business. No matter what position you work in, be it groundskeeper, security, or event planning, you’ll come into contact with families here to say goodbye or visit with a deceased loved one. Leaving them with a positive first impression and a word of kindness can make all the difference for them during difficult times.

You’ll Work Hard

We won’t mince words about this – working at a cemetery comes with a lot of responsibility and requires some grit. This is partially because our grounds are massive and cover thousands of burial plots and dozens of specialized areas. If you work in groundskeeping or security, expect a lot of walking and make sure you’re always wearing comfortable shoes. And a good memory is key to keep track of where you’ve been.

There’s a Lot of Job Shifting

The staff at a cemetery works as a unit, and the tasks needed every day can be different, requiring flexibility. While security and groundskeeping will always have their standard tasks, it’s not uncommon for people to jump jobs and provide support to other staff before a major event. It’s also common for management and even funeral directors to get their hands dirty once in a while when needed.

It’s Surprisingly Peaceful

Sure, we’ve all seen the TV shows about traipsing through a creepy old graveyard at night, but the reality is very different. Cemeteries are places of peace and reflection, where families can visit to be close to someone who has passed on. If you work in a cemetery on the night shift, as our groundskeepers and security teams often do, you’ll find a vast and peaceful landscape with a unique natural beauty that can only be seen when alone.

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Daytime Can Be Packed

You wouldn’t think of a cemetery as a buzzing social hub, but you’d be surprised how many events we host besides standard funerals. It’s common for family reunions, anniversaries of a funeral, or even weddings or baptisms to be held on our grounds close to where a loved one is buried. That means that hospitality and crowd control are key parts of the job here, and event planning is a skill you’ll learn along the way.

There are many job opportunities available at Matthews, NC cemeteries, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our team. Contact Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden for more information today.