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Arriving in Style at Charlotte, NC Cemeteries

Is there any more dramatic part of funeral traditions than the funeral procession? A line of cars, often snaking a mile or more down the road, following the hearse down a road. Sure, it’s not great if you’re trying to get to work, but it makes you think – whoever’s in that car has brought out so many people to remember them. But the funeral procession is changing with the times, and at Charlotte, NC cemeteries we’ve seen some unique twists. Here’s how people have interpreted the funeral procession at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden.

Matching Cars

Normally funeral processions are people driving their individual cars to follow the hearse, so you’ll see a mix of classic and modern cars. But some parties are taking a more integrated approach, building a funeral procession out of cars of the same color or even design. This is especially common for clients mourning someone who was a fan of classic cars, using a collection of identical vintage vehicles.

Environmentally Friendly Options

A procession of cars a mile long or more is a dramatic and meaningful site, but it also means a lot of exhaust. For clients who are invested in the environment, a procession of electric cars or hybrid cars has the same visual effect without the environmental impact. These cars can be collected from those who own it and join the procession, or arranged through rentals with local companies that lend out electric cars.

A Vintage Ride

Do you want a classic look that will have people talking about the procession for a long time? Local companies like funeral homes often have a fleet of classic cars from decades past that will add a retro flair to a funeral procession. If you want an even more unique option, how about a living tribute? The casket can be placed in a horse-drawn carriage and followed by a procession of people on horseback.

Riding Home

Bicycling is a way of life for many people, and some of our two-wheeled riders have found a way to incorporate that into their funeral procession. While the main vehicle carrying the casket is still usually held in a car, the procession behind it is a team of cyclists able to keep up. This is recommended on less-crowded roads, so if you’re interested in a cycling procession, we recommend a consultation with our staff.

Sending a Message

While a funeral procession is usually a somber occasion, sometimes a family wants to celebrate their loved one in the way they remember them best. That includes celebrating their passions and interests in life, such as a favorite sports team. Cars are often plastered with decals and accessories from those interests. This is also common for decedents who were the member of a professional or military organization

The funeral procession is just the first part of a beautiful and memorable funeral at Charlotte, NC cemeteries. If you’re interested in hosting a farewell at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden, visit us or contact us by phone or on our website to set up a consultation.