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The Most Important People at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries
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Huntersville, NC cemeteries

The Most Important People at Huntersville, NC Cemeteries

At Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden, we believe that Huntersville, NC cemeteries should be a place for peace and reflection. But that safety and peacefulness doesn’t come on its own, so we rely on our extensive staff to keep our cemetery grounds pristine and welcoming at the start of every day. In this article, we’ll look at the most important people on our cemetery staff and associated services.

The Funeral Director

When families come to a cemetery or funeral home to arrange services for their loved one, they need the support of an experienced and compassionate funeral director. Funeral directors need to be well-versed in the many services and offerings of the facility, and be able to make the case for a package that serves the family’s interests and budget. The funeral director is the face of a cemetery and funeral home, and their presence makes all the difference.

funeral directors

The Groundskeepers

It’s often hard to grasp just how big a cemetery is, but these sprawling grounds are massive parks that serve as the final resting place to thousands of people. That means thousands of mourners come through daily to lay their loved one to rest or visit them. To ensure the cemetery looks as fresh and welcoming every day, it’s important to have a skilled team of groundskeepers to repair any minor damage and tend to the grass’ health. Thanks to their work, the cemetery grounds are a place of peace and natural beauty for everyone who visits.

The Event Directors

Cemeteries aren’t just a place for funerals, they’re regularly used for gatherings of families who want to be close to where their loved one is buried. This can include annual remembrances, family reunions, or even weddings or baptisms held in the presence of a beloved relative who has passed on. Our event directors meet with the family to discuss appropriate facilities and any needed decorations or accessories.


It might seem like cemeteries should be a safe zone from any negative outside influences, but unfortunately vandalism is common at cemeteries around the country if not guarded properly. That’s why we have a crack team of security agents guarding our property during both the day and night. Cameras watch for break-ins during the night and guards stand by, to ensure this place is as safe as possible for you and your family.

Our Digital Team

Today, cemeteries are more involved than ever in the digital space, as their extensive list of permanent residents are digitized to provide an only space for people to pay tribute. We know that many family members may move away from a loved one’s burial space, so we want it to be possible to feel close to them from anywhere. That’s why our website offers a space to pay your respects whether you can drop by our grounds or not.

These people keep Huntersville, NC cemeteries safe and welcoming. Drop by Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Garden to see them at work today.